INNOVATIONS Webinar Series

Is your program doing great work around special populations in our community?  Have you created new ways to recruit and retain staff?  Have you opened a new facility? Have you discovered new ways to ensure full enrollment regular attendance? Are you delivering innovations in health services?
Throughout 2019, R9HSA will dedicate a monthly webinar session to lift up and share what works in our community.  

Scheduled Webinars


Past Webinars

February 22, 2018
Presenters: Dr. Paul Glassman, Dr. Yogita Thakur, and Manufou Liaiga Anoa’i

Overview of the history, benefits, and current use of and expansion of telehealth connected teams and Virtual Dental Homes (VDH) to improve oral health for children in Head Start programs.  Background on opportunities to influence state policy to create welcoming environments for this system.


March 20, 2018

Facility Development

Presenter: Kristen DeMara

Community Services Reno – Newly opened Head Start and Early Head Start Building – Presenter Kristen DeMara will share the good, the difficult, and unforeseen aspects of facility development in Head Start.


June 19, 2018

Pushing Data

Presenter: Michael Mitchell

Every aspect of Head Start is touched by data.  Our utilization of data is essential to a program capacity building.  Hear from North Las Vegas Acelero Learning’s Michael Mitchell on how pushing data out to all aspects of the organizations weekly strengthens program impacts. 


July 17, 2018

2018 Monitoring Review

Four programs scheduled on the panel:

• San Bernardino County Preschool Services Department
• Sacramento Employment and Training Agency (SETA)
• Maricopa County
• YMCA of the East Bay
• Honolulu Community Action

Join your colleagues for a robust discussion of 2018 Monitoring Reviews (FA2). These agencies are prepared to share their program’s planning, on-site experience and hopefully final reports. R9HSA will construct a presentation, the panelist will offer their perspective, and you will be invited to submit questions in advance and on-line, live during the webinar.


August 21, 2018

Growing Your Own – Staff Development

Presenters: Pamm Shaw and Camilla Rand

YMCA of the East Bay and Contra Costa Community Services District have launched a number of staff efforts to grow their own workforce during very difficult times. Hear from Pamm Shaw and Camilla Rand on the impact of the Apprentice Program.


November 20, 2018

Fatherhood and Male Involvement

Presenter: Marion Hill



December 11, 2018

Serving Incarcerated Families

Presenters : Jamie Selby & Maria Reyes Vargas

The session is designed to introduce our experience with the startup of a home visiting program within their local jail. We will discuss what we’ve learned so far from working at a local jail who houses pregnant inmates. We will explore the challenges and lessons learned with working inside in a correctional facility and the pregnant women we interact with.



January 15, 2019 

Community Partnerships: Triple Bottom Line

Presenter: Michael Mitchell

Hear from a number of local programs on community partnerships which benefit our families multiple ways. Lead by Acelero-North Las Vegas, Michael Mitchell, you will hear unique strategies that not only address families immediate needs, as well as branding your sites as a long term community resource – lifting enrollment, impacting a your community in a deeper way.

Interested in Presenting?

We are seeking submissions of projects in your program that will assist with other agencies seeking to do great work.  To submit your agency’s best practice or to discuss ideas you would like to propose, contact Ed Condon, – or call 916-259-0971 ext 101. 

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The Vision

All children, regardless of their circumstance at birth, deserve a full and prosperous life.

The Mission

  • Support high-impact Head Start programs for children and adults by creating opportunities for collaboration, networking and information sharing.
  • Unite with state and national Head Start organizations to ensure regulatory and budget outcomes that support our work.
  • Champion the message that every child and family who succeeds makes their community a better place.

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