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Family & Community Engagement: Doing with—not for—families – CLICK TO READ MORE

Since the inception of Head Start more than 55 years ago, family engagement has always been a pillar of the program. Underlying the Head Start focus on the whole child is the understanding that parents are the primary educators and advocates for their children. Moreover, when parents engage with their children, they not only improve the child’s happiness and success—but theirs as well.  During 2020 and into the near future, family engagement is the pathway by which all our early education work is being achieved.  During this time, Head Start and Early Head Start programs are building new and highly creative ways to serve families.  From distributing essential supplies, collaborating in teams to assist parents and care givers to make sure they have educational resources to sustain their learning goals, to offering social and emotional support as economic and civil disruptions challenge us all to stay on track.

The Family Engagement and Cultural Effectiveness Conference is designed to celebrate the different cultures, traditions and practices that are reflected in the modern family. In doing so, participants learn how to use the strengths and attributes of culture to aid a child’s own successful walk through the world. In this conference, nationally and internationally known practitioners, researchers and motivational speakers share their knowledge, to teach us and to learn from us, about parent engagement through the lens of cultural awareness.

Our conference this year will address Family Engagement through four lenses –

  • Health and Well Being
  • Economic Opportunities
  • Culture and Equity
  • Civic Participation

Each day, our conference will start with a thought maker who will bring attendees innovative ways to address family engagement.  Our thought makers will address research, policy, leadership, and collaboration as tools to advance local program practices.  In addition, we will offer attendees over 48 hours of workshops in both English and Spanish.  Workshops will bring forward practical ideas and strategies you can employ in your programs right away. 

Lastly, as many of you know, this conference is typically held in Hawaii.  To keep this element fresh, we will be working with our partners in Hawaii to bring forward a taste of Island life, culture, and scenery.

Please join us for our Family Engagement and Cultural Effectiveness Conference – Virtual and On-Demand, October 27-30, 2020. Click on our schedule to review each day’s agenda.


The Vision

All children, regardless of their circumstance at birth, deserve a full and prosperous life.

The Mission

  • Support high-impact Head Start programs for children and adults by creating opportunities for collaboration, networking and information sharing.
  • Unite with state and national Head Start organizations to ensure regulatory and budget outcomes that support our work.
  • Champion the message that every child and family who succeeds makes their community a better place.
  • Provide resources to assist our members in compliance and professional development.

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