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They call it the Head Start Advantage. Study after study shows children who attended Head Start programs perform better later on in elementary and high school and have a better chance for success in their lives than children who don’t attend. It’s that simple.

Head Start is a proven formula—55 years and 35 million children educated and counting! But it’s not only the federal funding and state augmentations that make it work. It’s the partnership and collaboration among all involved stakeholders, how well Head Start staff are trained and the quality of our teachers—and finally—and perhaps most importantly—it’s our Head Start families.

It cannot be stated more strongly than this: Family engagement at all levels of the Head Start program is vital to the positive outcomes that have been so well documented, as it:

  • Determines how well children benefit from Head Start Services.
  • Helps families meet their own goals, including economic independence.
  • Keeps our regional and state associations proficient.
  • Ensures the Head Start story is told to lawmakers everywhere who approve annual funding.

Looking back over this time—and even back to Head Start’s founding during the Great Society movement—it’s possible to state that never has Head Start been more important for this year or that decade. Yet, now, as we approach the third decade of the 21st Century, gale force headwinds face at-risk children and families. Head Start is a life raft. And it needs all hands committed to its existence.

Engagement in Region 9 Head Start Association events and activities does make a difference. To be innovative in their service delivery, Head Start programs need a wide variety of resources from throughout the community—and all of those involved benefit from the community network that is thereby created. Mutual support strengthens everything—especially our goal to reach every vulnerable child.

That’s why your participation is highly valued and appreciated.

If you would like more information on how to engage in the Region 9 Head Start Association, please contact:

Edward Condon – Bio
Executive Director
916-259-0971 ext. 101
Fernando Alvarenga – Bio
Program Manager
916-259-0971 ext. 102
Alejandra LozanoBio
Program Associate
916-259-0971 ext. 103
Office Address:
2131 Capitol Avenue, Suite 307
Sacramento, CA 95816


The Vision

All children, regardless of their circumstance at birth, deserve a full and prosperous life.

The Mission

  • Support high-impact Head Start programs for children and adults by creating opportunities for collaboration, networking and information sharing.
  • Unite with state and national Head Start organizations to ensure regulatory and budget outcomes that support our work.
  • Champion the message that every child and family who succeeds makes their community a better place.
  • Provide resources to assist our members in compliance and professional development.

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2131 Capitol Avenue, Suite 307
Sacramento, CA 95816



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