Past Scholarships & Awards


R9HSA’s 2019 Legacy Scholarship Award Winners


  • Maria D. Arroyo, First Baptist Church Head Start, CA
  • Adriana F. Avila, Chicanos Por la Causa, AZ
  • Connie Byrd, CAPE/Kidango Inc, CA
  • Maria Del Carmen Cabrales, Neighborhood House Association, CA
  • Ashlie Renay Cahill Hargenrater, Placer Community Action Council Inc. CA
  • Zaruhi Chilingaryan, Plaza De La Raza,CA
  • Grace Ann Colcol, Maui Economic Opportunity Head Start,HI
  • Assita Diaby, Neighborhood House Association, CA
  • Sy Anthony Hearn, Child Care Resource Center, CA
  • Joanne Yvonne Lee-Yuen, Wu Yee Children’s Services, CA
  • Supat Joey Mahaguna, Volunteers of America Los Angeles, CA
  • Erika Medina, Encompass Comunity Service Head Start, CA
  • Jesee Meyers, Little People Head Start, NV
  • Mikka Miller, Little People Head Start, NV
  • Yomara Norzagaray, Chicanos Por la Causa, AZ
  • Rebecca Anna Taub, Child, Family and Community Services Inc, CA
Thank You – Our 2019 Legacy Scholarships were funded by a number of individual donors and organizations. Special thanks to Head Start California, George Fraser, Retirement Benefits Group, LLC, and Ms. Laurie Mirman, Site Services. Also many thanks to…
  • One America
  • James Samuel Rodgers Foundation
  • Nuveen
  • Legg Mason
  • T. Rowe Price Investments
  • Frank Lorah
  • Denyse Cardoza
  • Cassie Carlstrom
  • Scott Maney
  • Patrick McCloskey
  • Matt DeMarco
  • Mark Pottle
  • Chris Bucci
  • Staci A Baker
  • Nick Reed

History of the R9HSA Scholarships

The Region 9 Head Start Association has a rich history of awarding scholarships to emerging members of our community.  In 2016, our memorial scholarships have provided thousands of dollars to students working to achieve their dreams.  Each recipient received $500 to support their college tuition. In 2017 two individuals received $1000 each for their studies. Most recently, in 2018, three individuals received $1000 each for their studies (pictured below).

R9HSA’s 2018 Legacy Scholarship Award Winners

Left to right: Charity Woods, Charlotte Bier, and Gloria Anaya-Torres

  • Charity Woods, AZ – Legacy Scholarship, Argosy University

“Being a recipient of the $1000 Educational Scholarship through Region 9 Head Start Association means the world to me!  I learned earlier this year that I was nearing the maximum amount that I could borrow through direct student loans. This put a tremendous amount of added stress and pressure on me personally as well as academically. With this scholarship, some of my financial obligations will be alleviated causing me to continue to pursue and one day soon complete my doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership.  As a single parent, I have faced many uncertainties due to lack of financial means, but being awarded such a generous gift, I have a renewed sense of determination that all things are possible if I believe.  I am honored, grateful, as well as energized, to see my goals and endeavors through until fruition. Thanks so much to the amazing donors and the awesome constituents of Region 9 Head Start Association for selecting me.” – Charity Woods

  • Charlotte Bier, CA – Legacy Scholarship, University of North Dakota

“It is an honor to be recognized as the recipient of the Legacy Scholarship supported by the Region 9 Head Start Association. This scholarship will help to support tuition costs but most importantly validates my beliefs of continuing to learn and enhancing my knowledge in the  field of early childhood as I continue to work towards achieving my goal of an Early Childhood Education master.  Thank you for this privilege of representing Head Start teachers and providing the incentive of pursuing a higher education.” – Charlotte Bier

  • Gloria Anaya Torres, CA – Legacy Scholarship, Fresno Pacific University

“I am honored and humbled to be a recipient of the Region 9 Head Start Association Legacy Scholarship. By alleviating the financial burden of graduate school, the scholarship helps me get one step closer to achieving my goals of becoming a Head Start director. Receiving the scholarship serves as a validation for all the work I’ve done academically as well as with my community and the families I serve. As well as everyone who has helped me along the way. As a Head Start Alumni (class of ’93), Head Start holds a special place in my heart and I hope to be an inspiration for others.  I would also like to thank everyone who has helped make this scholarship program possible.” – Gloria Torres

R9HSA’s 2017 Legacy Scholarship Award Winners

  • Norma Elias, Richmond, CA – Legacy Scholarship, Contra Costa College

Norma’s educational goal is to have a BA degree to fill the necessary requirements to continue being a lead teacher for preschool and to continue to serve the community.

“I am very happy to have been awarded with the opportunity of winning the scholarship supported by the Region 9 Head Start Association. This has given me more enthusiasm and motivation to continue my studies and reach my goal. I appreciate and give thanks to all the generous people involved in this scholarship program.” -Norma Elias

  • Erika Leal, Phoenix, AZ – Legacy Scholarship, Northern Arizona University

Erika will be completing her student teaching experience which is her last step for graduation in December 2017 to attain a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education with an Endorsement in Early Childhood Education.

“My heart is set on early childhood education and I am eager to have a classroom of my own where I can help children learn and grow. I plan to continue my education by pursuing a Master’s and eventually a Doctorate degree in education. Receiving this scholarship has been a blessing, it will ease the financial burden I will face during my student teaching experience.” -Erika Leal


The Vision

All children, regardless of their circumstance at birth, deserve a full and prosperous life.

The Mission

  • Support high-impact Head Start programs for children and adults by creating opportunities for collaboration, networking and information sharing.
  • Unite with state and national Head Start organizations to ensure regulatory and budget outcomes that support our work.
  • Champion the message that every child and family who succeeds makes their community a better place.
  • Provide resources to assist our members in compliance and professional development.

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