• Dan Dow, Edward Condon: Getting a Head Start to citizenship

    Fri, 10/19/2018

    From our different backgrounds as district attorney and early childhood education administrator, when we meet seriously disadvantaged young people, we wish we had the super power to improve their odds, to make them better. From our combined years of experience working with other officials, experts and agencies, we know a super power does exist that helps improve a child’s well-being and future. The power is early education, with engaged parents. Experience and experts tell us that birth to 5 are the critical years for determining a child’s success later in life, and that parents must be engaged in high-quality early-learning efforts. The evidence is so strong that it has brought together a national, bipartisan nonprofit of law enforcement leaders working to support early childhood programs. The effort is called “Fight Crime, Invest in Kids.” Across the country, district attorneys are working to bring awareness to programs like Head Start/Early Head Start on the Central Coast that provide solutions that ensure our next generation of Americans will be successful, and citizen-ready. Being a good citizen means when you’re young attending school, then finding a career or trade, voting, volunteering and even paying taxes. The groundwork begins at home and right at birth. There has been a new wave of interest in early education in recent years in the...

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