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A well-trained Governing Body is an essential component to a strong Governance System that supports compliance, continuous improvement and innovation. By participating in this Train-the-Trainer workshop, the grantee is adopting a cost effective model to train their Governing Bodies on their own schedule while building relationships with Policy Council and Board members and addressing unique local governance issues. The R9HSA is committed to supporting the staff who support the Governing Bodies. We believe there is a direct connection between strong governing models and high quality experiences for staff, children and families


This 4 hour interactive Train-the-Trainer workshop will prepare Head Start staff to deliver a high quality training to their Governing Body members. Participants will learn about essential skills and attributes of a trainer and about key elements of a productive and engaging training. They will be provided a Governance training template that covers roles and responsibilities of Governing Body members, governance requirements and regulations, and the required training under HSPPS 1301.5. Participants will gain an understanding of how to tailor the template to meet their local program’s needs, and will have the opportunity during this workshop to create and deliver portions of this training. This workshop is ideal for staff who design and/or support Governance systems and operations, and those who directly support Governing Body members to fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Space is limited to 18 participants.

Workshop Prerequisite:

Participants must have a strong understanding of Governance roles & responsibility, Governance regulations and requirements, and the required training under HSPPS 1301.5, as a result of:

  • Attendance at a Governance Training session or workshop within the last 2 years; and/or
  • Essential job functions include oversight of Governance content area for Grantee; and/or
  • Watch in full the recorded 2 hour Governance Training provided to registered

Our goal is to make this training as virtually interactive as possible, therefore this will be a camera-on training. To maximize your learning experience, we ask that all registered participants prepare themselves to be on camera throughout the entirety of the session.


Virtual & On-Demand


April 20, 2022


Please contact us at trainingwest@region9hsa.org or call 916-259-0971.

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