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Shine Early Learning is a national early childhood education (ECE) and care organization that partners with other organizations that partners with other organizations on the field to enhance the quality of their programs. Shine’s people are ECE leaders and knowledgeable practitioners who have direct experience working in HS/EHS programs. Shine has a sister company, Acelero Learning, that directly oversees Head Start and Early Head Start programs in four states. Shine Early Learning has collaborated with 50+ partners ranging from small rural organizations to large urban programs. They have developed systems to assess how people and programs are performing and co-create plans to improve overall program quality. Quality improvements can be in the areas of Education, Family and Community Engagement, Program and Leadership Management, and Federal Review support – among many other services. The biggest value in working with Shine Early Learning is access to a national network of high quality program best practices, resources, data and ECE professionals who are dedicated to ongoing quality improvement and innovation.

Provides advanced data analytics for Head Start and the Early Education Community. CCR offers PFCE aligned family surveys, child assessment analysis, and advanced data analysis and reports for programs, boards, and other external audiences.

CCR Analytics helps Head Start organizations get high value from child assessments, family surveys, and data collection through quality analysis and custom reports. CCR Analytics services include:

  • Child assessment data collection services (scanning and web-based) and advanced analytics time-series, program impact, and regression analysis. (DRDP, TS Gold, IDA, Ounce, Portage).
  • Compelling reports designed for policy councils, board meetings, reviewers, planning purposes, media, and the community.
  • Focused services are specifically developed to comply with Head Start and state regulations and requirements.

Crayon Collection is a partnership with restaurants, hotels, and community-based groups that distribute free crayons to children when they dine. We collect millions of gently used crayons and redistribute them to the most vulnerable classrooms through our partnership with NHSA and

The Crayon Collection Arts in Education program ensures that art activities and instructional resources, specifically designed for these gently used crayons, support art education in the classrooms that need it most. The Arts in Education program includes two key initiatives: the Artist Inspired Education Series and Artist Rotation Program. Through our Artist Inspired Education Series, Crayon Collection partners with volunteer artists who develop age- and culturally appropriate art education activities that can be used by teachers in grades Pre-K through sixth to bring art education into their classrooms.

R9HSA collaborates with Crayon Collections to connect grantees to donation opportunities, art education, and advocacy.

Early Intel helps Head Start programs connect their data with intuitive, user friendly dashboards and provides training resources and support to implement continuous quality improvement.

Early Intel’s Q.I. Network includes:

  • Data Analytics – Early Intel’s data warehouse solves a major headache for early childhood programs by connecting traditionally siloed data sets: child assessments, CLASS scores, attendance and parent outcomes. Interactive dashboards enable program staff to easily sort critical relationships, recognize patterns and focus attention.
  • Benchmarking – Using common metrics, Head Start programs are able to compare their performance, highlighting key quality determinants (e.g. chronic absence, parent engagement, etc.). Benchmarks enable programs to identify both bright spots and opportunities for improvement.
  • Training and Coaching – A range of resources on data use and the tools and practices that support continuous quality improvement. Coaching supports in-depth projects tailored to local needs.
  • Learning Community – The Q.I. Network is organized as a series of regional cohorts and content area groups. The cohorts meet online and in person to work with their dashboards, learn the tools and practices that support quality improvement, identify best practices and compare implementation of their improvement projects.

The Discovery Source creates opportunities and solutions for early childhood educators to transform the way they support children and families in the most critical years of childhood development – from birth through third-grade. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in supporting the social-emotional development of our youngest learners; and strive to provide innovative, effective, and affordable solutions to strengthen relationships, raise quality, improve outcomes, and ensure each and every child has a fair start and solid foundation for future success.

Announcing the Head Start Retirement Program

A New Pooled Employer Plan for Head Start Agencies

We are excited to announce the creation of the Head Start Retirement Program, a new Pooled quality, compliant, and cost-effective retirement plan solution for Head Start organizations of all sizes.

The Head Start Retirement Program is sponsored by Group Plan Services, a leading provider of retirement services for nonprofits. The plan is administered by Voya Financial, one of the largest defined contribution recordkeepers in the country. Investment advisory services are provided by Fraser Group, a 3(38) investment fiduciary under ERISA.

Key Benefits:

  • Economies of scale leading to lower overall costs.
  • Reduced fiduciary liability for participating employers.
  • Streamlined compliance through centralized administration.
  • Institutional-quality investment menu and services.
  • Robust participant education and one on one guidance.
  • Eliminates individual Form 5500 filings and caps audit cost and effort.
  • The Head Start Retirement Program launch is now underway. Enrollment for Head Start agencies has now begun.

For more information or to request an enrollment package, please contact:

Mitchell Haber –

Dicabi is a technology company empowering organizations to thrive in the digital era, and dedicated to providing comprehensive software solutions tailored to meet the needs of Head Start Programs. Developer of SafeFacility™ the only preventative maintenance and facility management software developed exclusively for Head Start and the Early Education Community. SafeFacility™ was designed and built by a team with HS/EHS experience and leading software engineers. With SafeFacilility™ you can consolidate all your facility’s data into a single Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), streamline processes, automate tasks, and use intelligent, data-driven insights to guide operations, ensure compliance with regulations, and enhance program outcomes. SafeFacility™ encompasses various features for implementing an ongoing system of preventative maintenance that aligns with Head Start Performance Standards requirements. Users can easily report breakdowns, repairs, and hazards through the platform, which then initiates a workflow for resolution. The system also facilitates standardized processes to simplify compliance with audits and regulations, while effective prioritization and task delegation ensure no items are overlooked. Digitized customizable checklists and reporting tools provides real time data. The platform facilitates management of safety drills, inspections, lead inspections, and license requirements, empowering teams with a user-friendly digital interface.

Clean Air Dynamics LLC provides access and consultation regarding indoor air disinfection and high-touch surface disinfection equipment. The company is led by Raleigh Guice, President. The team at Clean Air Dynamics LLC has a long-standing history of providing medical grade air disinfection equipment to Head Start facilities across the country. The company also provides access to high-touch, instant, portable UV surface disinfection equipment with NuvaWave™.

The current air disinfection product portfolio features filterless air disinfection equipment manufactured by WellAir. These devices cover up to 1000 square feet, are typically wall-mounted and do not require the ongoing expense of filters, bulbs or other associated PPE, installation, or disposal costs. These products inactive airborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria, mold spores and VOCs in sub-second times with NanoStrike Technology™ and are 3rd party tested.

For larger indoor spaces up to 2500 square feet and for rapid remediation, the FDA cleared Defend series products are perfect. They also leverage NanoStrike Technology™ and add triple-stage filtration, including an H13 HEPA filter.

“Having worked closely with Raleigh when he was the Vice President of Sales at WellAir, I am excited about the value he and Clean Air Dynamics LLC bring to us. I know he only provides the most effective options for us and helps us maximize our dollars. We trust his guidance and support on product offerings,” says Edward Condon, Executive Director at R9HSA.

Clean Air Dynamics LLC is a minority owned business, registered with SAM.GOV.

Learning Genie provides an expert led all-in-one solution for Head Start programs for Family Engagement, InKind (non-Federal share tracking), Assessment and School Readiness Goal tracking, Lesson Planning and Curriculum instruction. We also provide expert consulting services supporting agencies on using data to improve qualities, prepare for FA reviews, preparing for grant applications and implementing internal policies and procedures to navigate changes.

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