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Provides advanced data analytics for Head Start and the Early Education Community. CCR offers PFCE aligned family surveys, child assessment analysis, and advanced data analysis and reports for programs, boards, and other external audiences.

CCR Analytics helps Head Start organizations get high value from child assessments, family surveys, and data collection through quality analysis and custom reports. CCR Analytics services include:

  • Child assessment data collection services (scanning and web-based) and advanced analytics time-series, program impact, and regression analysis. (DRDP, TS Gold, IDA, Ounce, Portage).
  • Compelling reports designed for policy councils, board meetings, reviewers, planning purposes, media, and the community.
  • Focused services are specifically developed to comply with Head Start and state regulations and requirements.

Crayon Collection is a partnership with restaurants, hotels, and community-based groups that distribute free crayons to children when they dine. We collect millions of gently used crayons and redistribute them to the most vulnerable classrooms through our partnership with NHSA and

The Crayon Collection Arts in Education program ensures that art activities and instructional resources, specifically designed for these gently used crayons, support art education in the classrooms that need it most. The Arts in Education program includes two key initiatives: the Artist Inspired Education Series and Artist Rotation Program. Through our Artist Inspired Education Series, Crayon Collection partners with volunteer artists who develop age- and culturally appropriate art education activities that can be used by teachers in grades Pre-K through sixth to bring art education into their classrooms.

R9HSA collaborates with Crayon Collections to connect grantees to donation opportunities, art education, and advocacy.

Early Intel helps Head Start programs connect their data with intuitive, user friendly dashboards and provides training resources and support to implement continuous quality improvement.

Early Intel’s Q.I. Network includes:

  • Data Analytics – Early Intel’s data warehouse solves a major headache for early childhood programs by connecting traditionally siloed data sets: child assessments, CLASS scores, attendance and parent outcomes. Interactive dashboards enable program staff to easily sort critical relationships, recognize patterns and focus attention.
  • Benchmarking – Using common metrics, Head Start programs are able to compare their performance, highlighting key quality determinants (e.g. chronic absence, parent engagement, etc.). Benchmarks enable programs to identify both bright spots and opportunities for improvement.
  • Training and Coaching – A range of resources on data use and the tools and practices that support continuous quality improvement. Coaching supports in-depth projects tailored to local needs.
  • Learning Community – The Q.I. Network is organized as a series of regional cohorts and content area groups. The cohorts meet online and in person to work with their dashboards, learn the tools and practices that support quality improvement, identify best practices and compare implementation of their improvement projects.

The University of Arizona Global Campus provides affordable, specialized, personal, innovative, and rewarding educational opportunities through a variety of online Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degree programs.


Upcoming Events

2021 Family Engagement and Cultural Effectiveness Conference

2021 Family Engagement and Cultural Effectiveness Conference

  • October 20, 2021
  • 12:00pm - 5:00pm UTC+0
Head Start California Virtual Health Institute

Head Start California Virtual Health Institute

  • October 25, 2021
  • 8:00am - 5:00pm UTC+0

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