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  • Niki Spears
    Niki Spears, Founder/Chief Culture Creator

    Niki Spears is an Educator, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Founder of Culture Cre8ion who radiates a profound passion for empowering educators and leaders to reshape their lives and workplaces into extraordinary places of possibility. Drawing from her experience as a former Head Start Parent and Teacher, Niki’s wisdom blooms from over 25 years of experience in education. Niki witnessed firsthand the staggering impact negativity can have on a team’s mission—this sparked her passion to help others create and sustain positive culture.

    As the founder of Culture Cre8ion, Niki’s purpose found its wings. Here, she becomes a catalyst for transformation, supporting teams and organizations as they embrace a positive culture by understanding their personal energy and presence.

    Niki travels the country and journeys away from the conventional, choosing a path devoid of assurances but brimming with purpose. Through her vibrant and immersive keynotes, training, workshops, and coaching sessions, Niki and her team helps you unearth the tools to foster self-awareness, embrace personal responsibility, thrive amidst unforeseen circumstances, nurture the spark of creativity, and cultivate a culture of enCOURAGEment.

    Niki’s game-changing revelations rejuvenate spirits, igniting an immediate integration of fresh perspectives.

    Gather your aspirations and embark on a life-altering journey of self-discovery with Culture Cre8ioni, as possibilities unfold and challenges transform into steppingstones, propelling each person closer to their unique purpose.

  • Diana Wehrell Grabowski, Ph.D.
    Diana Wehrell Grabowski, Ph.D.

    Diana Wehrell Grabowski, Ph.D. is a licensed science & STEM education consultant. Diana has worked in the field of education for four decades. She has been a full-time science educator, assistant director for the Center of Excellence at Florida Institute of Technology, adjunct professor, and the longtime owner of a science education consulting company (Mobile Science Education Consulting Services). In this role, she travels throughout the nation and world conducting science and STEM professional staff development, interactive keynotes, and Family Science events for educators, administrators, and families. She has presented at hundreds of regional and national educational conferences throughout the nation and the world as a featured speaker, guest speaker, as well as a keynote speaker. She has provided professional staff development for hundreds of schools worldwide, reaching thousands of educators, administrators, and families. She remains active in the classroom by conducting hands-on science and STEM lessons in public and private schools and informal learning environments including community science and STEM events. Additionally, she provides consulting on STEM programs and development throughout the nation and world to public and private education institutions, and education-based corporations. Diana looks forward to the opportunity to work with your organization to provide meaningful and sustainable professional staff development. Check out her website for details on the science and STEM professional staff development sessions she provides.

  • Katharine Mason, MPA
    Management Consultant/Trainer

    Katharine Mason is a management consultant and trainer who has dedicated her 30 year career to improving outcomes for vulnerable children and their families. With this passion as her foundation Katharine provides consultation and training services to Head Start administrators and Governing Bodies that support data-driven decision making, continuous improvement and compliance in a strategic, innovative and inclusive manner.

    With a Master Degree in Public Administration focusing in Management and Organizational Change, Katharine brings over a decade of experience as a senior leader at a large and innovative Head Start program to support Early Care and Education and Family Support programs to develop Strategic Plans, redesign administrative and procedural systems, prepare proposals, conduct internal assessments, and become ready for compliance reviews. Katharine is experienced in project management and establishing community collaborations to meet and enhance program outcomes. She is knowledgeable of Head Start Performance Standards and California Title V and XXII regulations, and has supported grantees in creating systems and policies that are compliant across all regulations. Katharine’s areas of expertise include Leadership, Program Design and Management, Governance, Child Safety, and Staff Wellness and Professional Development.

    Contact: or (925) 852-4408

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