Embracing Hope

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By Niki Spears, Founder and Chief Culture Creator of Culture Cre8tion

Embracing Hope, Hurt, Healing: A Prelude to Transformative Insights for The First 1000 Days Early Head Start Conference 

In the early mornings before starting a new day, do you find yourself meditating on the challenges that each day could bring?  Does the weight of the world seem to consume your every thought and you’re at a lost to how to shift that energy to find some relief.  You’re not alone, researchers say that human beings have between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts per day!  And get this: 80% are negative and 95% are the same redundant thoughts that we had the day before.  Talk about creatures of habit! 

As someone who suffered with negative thinking, I’ve found ways to focus my energy on the positive things happening in my life, and guess what? Like a magnet, more good things started to show up.  You see, what we choose to focus on will expand.  And because we are creatures of habit, this transformation will not happen overnight but will indeed happen once we become aware of those beliefs that keep us consumed with challenges.   

As we learn to look for the beauty underneath our struggles, I am honored to be the closing keynote for “The First 1000 Days Early Head Start Conference,” in June where the theme will be “Embracing Hope, Hurt, and Healing.  As part of this experience, I would like to introduce a four-part blog series designed not just to inform but to actively engage and enrich your experience at this transformative event. 

Unveiling the Journey: Enhancing Your Conference Experience 

You and your team are invited to join us in this four-part blog series as we prepare to provide you with tools and strategies that will help you live your best life NOW! “Embracing Hope, Hurt, Healing,” is not a one-way street; it’s a dialogue waiting to happen. Each month, as we explore a new theme, we invite you to actively participate and shape the conversation. Each month we would like to celebrate someone from your team as you share your story by entering you in a giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card.  Here’s how you can engage with each month’s blog: 

March: Embracing Hope – A Beacon of Positivity 

You are invited to share your personal story of hope by sharing what inspires you daily.  We will create a collective reservoir of positivity and post your responses in our April newsletter. 

April: Facing Hurt – Acknowledging and Overcoming Challenges 

You will be invited to share how you’ve overcome life’s challenges.  One person’s story will be selected for our May newsletter.  

May: Healing Hearts: Moving Beyond the Pain – Strategies for Emotional Well-being 

You will be invited share your go-to strategies for maintaining your emotional well-being in the demanding roles of caregiving, teaching, and parenthood.  We will select one person’s story to be a part of our June newsletter. 

June: Unity in Healing – Building a Supportive Community 

We are inviting you to nominate a community member for our spotlight series. Who exemplifies unity in healing? We will recognize them in the July newsletter and celebrate their contributions. 

We want to encourage you to actively participate in these engagement activities, you not only contribute to the collective wisdom of our community but also set the stage for deeper connections at the conference. 

As we journey together, consider this not just a blog series but a collaborative experience where your voice matters. Your insights, stories, and perspectives will shape the narrative of hope, heart, and healing. 

Sending lots of positive energy your way, 

Niki Spears 

Closing Keynote Speaker 

The First 1000 Days Early Head Start Conference 

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