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Anna Reyner, MA, ATR, LMFT, is the founder of CreativePlayLA, a training & consulting business that uses art-based approaches to positively impact children and families living in disadvantaged, low-income communities. She has successfully merged the principles of art therapy into early childhood education and specializes in helping teachers add trauma-informed art into their classrooms. Anna is the author of two awarding-winning books, Smart Art and Smart Art 2, and has presented over 800 training at state, national and international conferences in her 40 years as a teacher, art therapist, and mental health advocate.

CreativePlay workshops combat educator burnout and compassion fatigue with hands-on, engaged learning strategies and small group collaborations. Join with colleagues and learn new skills that will raise your spirits and renew your passion for work and life. Current “Hot Topics” for Early Childhood Educators include 6 Wellness and Stress Management workshop choices, and 8 Curriculum Competency choices. Contact Anna Reyner for a Fee Schedule or log onto www.CreativePlayLA for workshop video clips and Testimonials or to subscribe to the monthly CreativePlay newsletter.


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