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  • Managing Mindsets

    ONLINE – Led by Deidre Harris

    We’re living in unprecedented times with unprecedented upheaval and angst (to say the least!). So how do we support staff in managing their mindsets and maintaining their resiliency? Join us for a 1-hour wellness call with Deidre Harris who will facilitate conversations focused on strategies for “shifting” dispositions while helping staff feel empowered.


  • Honolulu, HI – Family Engagement and Cultural Effectiveness Conference

    Led by Larry Campbell, Catholic Charities & Stacy Brown, Family Support Hawaii

    In today’s frenetic-paced culture in which we live, finding the time to get everything done seems to be an insurmountable task. In this session, we will look at research from the book “Scarcity” to understand how this affects our daily performance, whether positive or negative. We’ll look at bandwidth and how each of us individually must look within to measure whether or not we’re performing at our peak. The pressing weight that Directors encounter is heavy, yet there are ways to evaluate our management practices, how we approach leadership, delegation, supervision, and developing staff. Is there a way to balance all of this? Yes, but it does take a keen self-admission to examine our self-care routines in order to thrive. In this uniquely designed forum for Senior Directors, Administrators, and Managers, we will examine data and research coupled with interactive discussion to sharpen each others’ capacity to serve needy population groups in our respective service areas.

  • Phoenix, AZ - “I Wonder…”

    Session facilitated by Mr. Larry Campbell of Catholic Charities Head Start and Ms. Amy Corriveau, City of Phoenix Head Start.

    During this session, the facilitators will lead all attending Directors in a self-assessment of their program’s data management and Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) process.

    The stressors of a Head Start Director are intense, to say the least.  Managing all the mandates of HSPPS, HS Act, State Child Care Licensing Regulations, State QIRS requirements, OMB regulations, and the list goes on.  How do you monitor all of this? In recent years OHS has placed much emphasis on data collection to improve quality outcomes…but more recently has advanced to focus on analyzing data to make timely course corrections. Perhaps you feel that your program is behind the curve.  Maybe your program is starting to make headway in the process of analyzing data.  And some may be well underway with exploring new methodologies for data analytics for CQI.  This session will benefit any program director regardless of your current level of progress.  Come gain examples from peers as we share examples of data dashboards, integration with systems, and data tours. Networking with other directors is a key deliverable in this session with the intention that each Director gleans from one another and returns to their program challenged and excited about the next steps.

    During the Director’s Exchange…Head Start/Early Head Start program participants obtain ideas, tools, and resources to guide their ability to evaluate their individual program’s progress toward data collection and analysis as measured against the HSPPS 1302.102 (c) Using Data for Continuous Program Improvement.

    • “Ensure data is aggregated, analyzed and compared in such a way to assist agencies in identifying risks and informing strategies for continuous improvement in all program service areas;”
    • “Ensure child-level assessment data is aggregated and analyzed … to direct continuous program improvement” …
    • Use information from ongoing monitoring and the annual self-assessment, and program data on teaching practice, staffing and professional development …”
    • Use program improvement plans as needed to strengthen or adjust content and strategies for professional development, change program scope and services, refine school readiness…”

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