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Head Start and Early Head Start staff are challenged with juggling the needs of children, parents, and co-workers as well as the myriad of tasks necessary to meet performance standards and organizational goals. Our work is both urgent and fast passed as well as very emotional.  Because of passion and determination, Head Start achieves great outcomes.  Organizations that are high functioning believe strongly in the power of leadership is everyone’s business.  From the director to the new assistant teacher, from accounting to family services, well-lead teams do extraordinary services for their constituents.  The Region 9 Head Start Association (R9HSA) believes strongly in the notion that we must build strong agencies that sustain both clients and staff.  Since 2016, we have set out to strengthen the leadership skills of staff.  We regularly bring forward The Leadership Challenge Workshop, coaching utilizing the Leadership Practice Inventory, and ongoing networking of our leadership community.


This workshop will give you superpowers—how to achieve the extraordinary while overcoming the overwhelming. A deep-dive program that is based upon The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, developed by Jim Kouzes and Berry Posner. Their Leadership Challenge Model is the most recognized standard of leadership excellence.

The course cohort meets both in-person and virtually using the Zoom platform. The class is a mix of lectures, discussions, small group work, and individual reflections. Pre-work is required to optimize the class experience.

Each attendee will receive the Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360 online leadership assessment. In addition, all attendees receive the hardback 6th edition of The Leadership Challenge, Participants Workbook, Value Cards, and related materials. Each attendee completes the course with an action plan and receives follow up coaching to implement goals

To learn more about the course, click here to hear from the facilitator.


Coming Winter 2024


Coming Winter 2024

This course may also be contracted through indivdiual agencies. If interested, please reach out to Edward Condon. 


The R9HSA’s Executive Director, Edward Condon is a Master Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge, a product of Wiley Publishing.  Since 2014, Edward has facilitated sessions serving almost 700 participants from Head Start and Early Head Start programs.  Ed has received excellent reviews for his ability to contextualize the content to the challenges and pressures in our community.

“I have been to management workshops, not leadership training. This has totally changed my perspective and encouraged me to propel forward in developing my skills.”  Toni Lombrick from Pinal Gila Community Child Services

As part of our Training West offerings, The Leadership Challenge Workshops are scheduled as open enrollment and contract courses.  Open enrollment allows for anyone to register as many staff as they wish at the established member or non-member rate.  Also, the workshop can be contracted by an agency or a cluster of agencies for a set fee.  Each class accommodates 36-48 participants.


Please contact us at headstartr9@region9hsa.org or call 916-259-0971.

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