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In Region 9 we see a substantial number of programs that seek strategies to address new and challenging behaviors this program year. “Adults often find children’s behaviors interesting and engaging. There are also behaviors that adults sometimes find challenging. For example, infants fuss or cry despite the adults’ efforts to comfort them or have different feeding or sleeping schedules. Toddlers sometimes hit, bite, fall to the floor, cry, kick, whine, or say “no.” Some preschoolers argue or fight over toys, struggle to follow directions, or become overly aggressive as they play. Toddlers and preschoolers may also have moments of energetic play, move quickly from activity to activity, or withdraw and not want to participate in activities. Often, these behaviors are developmentally appropriate, typical, and normal—and they change with support and social, emotional, and cognitive development.” – From the Office of Head Start, Head Start ECLKC

Positive Solutions for Challenging Behaviors training series is a series that offers Head Start, Earl Head Start educators, coordinators and support staff strategies to address many of the challenges facing our educational environments.

This 8-part series takes a deep dive into understanding and managing challenging behaviors. Learners will walk away not only with a strengthened foundational understanding of challenging behaviors, but with tools, strategies, and interventions that they can immediately put into practice to increase social-emotional development and decrease challenging behaviors in the classroom.


This series will target – Increase understanding and causes compassion fatigue, assess staff wellness and self-care, increase understanding of how challenging behaviors and work-related stressors can activate the body’s stress response system, recognize why challenging behaviors occur from a neurodevelopmental lens, and implement specific strategies to support with behaviors

Trainer Jess Bernal is an Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Head Start/Early Head Start Consultant, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who holds a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and a certification of specialization in Behavior Analysis.


Virtual/ Live- Zoom

  • September 17 – October 10, 2024 Virtual/ Live- Zoom

Member Pricing Full Access: $259.00
Non Member Pricing Full Access: $289.00

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