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Challenging times require new approaches in leadership and in program management.  Inspired by exemplary program leaders in the West, Region 9 Head Start Association is excited to offer our Managers Academy.

One of the ways that great agencies have responded to changing times has been to elevate the skills of managers whose work intersect most closely with the delivery of services.  As essential a great strategy might be, equally essential is the ability to implement the vision and structure.  The foundational component of trust is only strengthened when all parties, at all levels of an organization are moving in the same direction with a clear view of the horizon and the guardrails to support a high impact performance.  As Simon Sinek, the author of may books on organizational success says, “A team is not a group of people who work together but a team is a group of people who trust each other.”  The development of strong management teams starts with the development of individuals.

The values of R9HSA Managers Academy include the belief that each person must acknowledged for their lived experiences, they are all leaders in their organizations and self-development is the key to personal growth and professional success.


The majority of the course work will take place virtually utilizing the Zoom platform and an interactive learning management resource from 2-4:30pm PST. Participants will meet in Sacramento, Ca on January 21-22, 2025 for our closing gathering.

Hear from current Academy Participants..

“The opportunity to engage in self-reflection to help strengthen us as leaders is rare. To do so in a space facilitated by experts in the field, provided with resources and a new network of connections, and supportive colleagues is even rarer. There is a breadth and depth of knowledge to both gain and share during the Manager’s Academy, and is a way to connect your purpose and passion into actionable growth.” -Megan Lamb, SETA Head Start

“The unique thing about this course is getting to work with Desiree who is so versed in experiences in the world of Early Head Start/Head Start. Her passion and love for the field is felt. She also makes the environment safe and is able to draw such wonderful connections with each participant. This is a great course to take to really fill your own cup, learn more, and expand your knowledge. I also love being able to meet leaders from other programs! Being able to make connections and have conversations with each other has been amazing. We all have like roles and it’s nice to bounce ideas off of each other. I feel like I have made connections with others that will continue throughout my career.” -Ashley La Soya, Volunteers of America Southwest

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