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Head Start and Early Head Start staff are challenged with juggling the needs of children, parents, and co-workers as well as the myriad of tasks necessary to meet performance standards and organizational goals. Our work is both urgent and fast passed as well as very emotional.  Because of the passion and determination, Head Start achieves great outcomes.  Organizations that are high functioning believe strongly in the power of leadership is everyone’s business.  Our Coaching VIP has been established to expedite the development of leaders – new staff recently promoted managers and senior leaders. Since 2018, we have set out to strengthen the leadership skills of staff through an effective hands-on coaching model with data from the Leadership Practices Inventory 360 (LPI).


This tool was created as a component of The Leadership Challenge, Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership, developed by Jim Kouzes and Berry Posner. Their Leadership Challenge Model is the most recognized standard of leadership excellence.

Simple without being simplistic, the LPI®: Leadership Practices Inventory® draws attention to an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement as a leader by measuring how often they practice exemplary leadership behavior. While the LPI Self product offers the practitioner increased self-awareness, the LPI 360 assessment goes a step further by illuminating the effectiveness of a leader and by measuring the level of commitment, engagement, and satisfaction of the individuals they lead. The LPI 360+ offers a reassessment opportunity, which measures a leader’s improvement over time.

Each attendee will receive the Leadership Practices Inventory, a 360 online leadership assessment. Three, one-hour coaching sessions to unpack the LPI and establish an action plan.  Through the action-oriented conversations, coaching will be conducted by professional executive coaches who do not work internally within the organizations where the Head Start leaders are employed. Coaching will be aimed at enhancing goal attainment, increasing resilience and workplace well-being while reducing individual stress as these leaders implement changes within their organizations. Time will be provided between coaching sessions for participants to try out new ideas and/or different leadership behaviors and support will be provided to build and inspire momentum.


This service is scheduled on an individual basis. Contact Edward Condon, econdon@region9hsa.org. For arrangements and additional details.


Please contact us at headstartr9@region9hsa.org or call 916-259-0971.


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