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April 18th Session:

The Emotional Intelligent Workplace

You’ve worked hard to foster an inclusive, positive company culture. But is it an emotionally intelligent workplace? Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of our emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage our behavior and to manage our relationships. In this interactive virtual session, we will explore the 4 pillars of emotional intelligence. The discussion will center around Self-Awareness, Self-management, Awareness of others, and Relationship Management.

May 23rd Session:

The Power of  You – Developing Your Self-Awareness

Studies suggest that when we see ourselves more clearly, we become more confident and more creative. We make better decisions, improve our relationship management skills, and communicate more effectively. In this interactive virtual session, we will discuss 5 ways to develop self-awareness and why it is foundational to our personal and professional growth and improvement.

June 27th Session:

Re-imaging Workplace Connections

70% of workers say the global pandemic was the most stressful time they’ve experienced in their careers. Some of that stress came from virtual and hybrid work models, feelings of isolation, and uncertainty about what the workplace will look like. In this interactive virtual session, we will examine the prefix RE which means again or anew, and discuss why it is key to reshaping, renewing, resetting, and refocusing the way we connect in 2023.

July 25th Session:

The Art of Relationships

Life is about relationships. How we manage our relationships often determines our success. Unfortunately, negative relationships can derail our path. As father and son, as well as business partners, Avery and Brian know firsthand the importance of maintaining a strong, healthy, productive relationship. In this interactive virtual session, we will share 4 keys that will strengthen your relationships at work, at home, and in life.

As a result of this series, attendees will learn:

  • How to become more aware of their own emotions in the moment as well as those of others, and use that information to manage their behavioral responses more productively.
  • How to become more resilient, intentional, and make better decisions at work, and in life.
  • How to develop their self-awareness, personal power, and optimism.
  • How to strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills.
  • How to identify their strengths and opportunity areas for growth.

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